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[this is good] Oh my God, that looks good! Thanks for sharing.


[this is good] Oh, wow. May I come over the next time you have a tamale party? This looks amazing.

p.s. What kind of fat did you use? I have used Emeril's recipe before- a little toasted ground cumin in the dough. Bet AB's was as good if not better.

Candy Sparks

omg i want to make some reminds me of a time when i was like 14 and my mom and i decided to make egg rolls and it was a process but well worth every burnt finger because those were the best tasting egg rolls in the world!


[esto es genial] Fantastic post. I'm so hungry now.

I like Rick Bayless' episode about tamales. He has a recipe for chocolate tamales on his site.


[this is good] you are so good1


Ijole Delicioso, Great Job!!

The Tamales were very good Jamie shared some with me and I loved them.


I ventured into tamale making once... just once!  I had fun but I did it alone and it was a lot of work all by myself... maybe I should try it again... and with some spirits to help me relax!

They look delicious and my mouth is watering!!


Mmmm these look SO good. I love tamales but I've always been too intimidated to make my own. How did you make the masa? Every recipe I see has a lot of lard in it, which kind of turns me off. :P 


We used lard (yikes) so they weren't really vegetarian, but I would love to try again with either butter or lard. Mmm toasted cumin would be divine. Maybe an Indian inspired filling like paneer... 


Thanks Elly! Our masa had lard but since it was split up between over a 100 tamales I didn't feel too guilty. Oh and I kept thinking about how much better lard is for you than shortening. It was so much fun I hope you'll give it a shot.

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