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[this is good] Yum!


julie, what do you have against basa?  haha.  this is the fish that BFTIEnsenada uses and I also use it for this Vietnamese Dill & Turmeric fish noodle dish I like to make.  Basa is perfect for either b/c it's nice and flaky.  It is not fishy at all and contrary to American catfish, this Southeast Asian catfish is not 'sandy' or 'muddy' at all.  trust me!  are you going to share your fish batter recipe?  i want to try it out.


Poor Basa's reputation that I just dragged through the mud! For the record, I love it and grew up eating it. It gets 2 thumbs up. Brock is just totally wierded out with eating catfish of any type. I think it's a bottom feeder thing, though I'm sure if he ate it and I told him it has halibut he would love it. So moral of the story is to lie, right? :) Recipe coming soon.


Cod in fish tacos sounds as delicious as the picture looks. I love both the flavour and texture of cod and I bet the pickled carrots were great with it. Mmmm


hahaha.  all good.  would love to try out your recipe!  


I'm not a big fan of fish tacos (i've only tried them once) but that salad looks absolutely delicious!

Cheapo Groovo

[this is good] I'll be over for supper!

Yeehaw Murghi

[this is good] That salad is the very epitome of the expression "A feast for the eyes." I'm not familiar with jicama, but it seems that the combination of radish and orange should be really interesting. I've gotta try that. That's really great looking stuff.

Now, the fish tacos — love 'em. And I think doing them with a batter is inspired. Not to blow my own horn, but I tried doing some Thai fish cakes that way, in crêpes, and that was very good.

And cod should be a natural choice — it has always been the standard for fish & chips.


Jicama is also known as the poor man's water chestnut. Juicy and crunchy, kind of like an apple without the sweetness. They carry them at most Latin markets. Now I can't wait to try fried fish in a crepe. YUM!


haha poor man's jicama. what do i use if i can't afford jicama?  where is the recipe!

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