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longest flight

everything looks so delicious!

Angela Williams

The dinner was amazing Jules!!


[this is good] What a gorgeous green meal. Everything sounds delicious, but I would Love to try the orecchiette.

Yeehaw Murghi

[this is good] Man... I'm a pretty eloquent dude, but whenever I try to make a comment on this blog, I end up spending a lot of time staring at the screen, trying to find the right words, scrolling back and forth. Everything here looks absolutely immaculate.

I do applaud you for being diplomatic and accommodating to the vegetarians in you party, and dropping the ham hock. But I'm always a bit annoyed when a meal has to be modified for everyone, in order to accommodate the few. Split pea soup with no ham hock? Heresy, I say! :)

Beautiful. As always.

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