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Gasps. Should've went over to your place ; ) That red snapper looks so good!

Happy belated birthday :o)

laughing in the rain

mmmmm, that all looks so good!!!


[this is good] I absolutely LOVE brussel sprouts.  I probably would've eaten that entire bowl.


That was good, very good !Thanks a lot and see you soon.


Yeehaw Murghi

[this is good] Aaaah, Brussels sprouts — the most unfairly hated vegetable in the universe. I really enjoy seeing that stuff on display. Brussels sprouts are great. I do understand why kids don't like it — it's a little too intense on the flavor side. But they actually taste like cabbage, just a little more intense. Brussels sprouts are cabbage with a black belt.

Oh, sorry, the rest of the meal looks fantastic. Beautiful.

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