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Patricia Scarpin

Julie, these are so wonderful! They look good (I'm sure it would impress the heck out of guests) and delicious, too!

Yeehaw Murghi

[this is good] Gorgeous picture... Just -- wow. If I could choose a superpower -- anything at all (even the ability to fly, or having a tail -- sorry, Christopher Walken reference), I'd pick the ability to take pictures like this. Well that, and the ability to cook stuff that looks this good, heheh.

How about a recipe for that one? I just don't cook with eggplants much, and this just looks so damned beautiful, and appetizing... What goes into the croquettes? And the onion relish -- they look caramelized? I see something that looks like a bit of a pita bread at the bottom, and a dark tomato slice on top (fried?). I'd really like to try cooking this thing. Besides, it'd probably be pretty entertaining to see what my picture would look like, compared to this one, heheh.


oooh...looks de-licous! if i could eat that, i would go into foxy-mode for sure!


(gobble gobble gom gom gom...")


[this is good]

That looks really good, Julie!


These were simple yet surprisingly tasty. B totally flipped out over these.


Hi Yeehaw! How did you get so sweet? It's really just the camera, I promise. Can't wait to see your eggplant croquette post.

Anonymous - As a veggie lover, you would love these!

Thanks, Alisha! :)

Yeehaw Murghi

Thanks for the recipe, Julie -- I look forward to trying it out. Hopefully this week, or at least the next. I'll report back... 


[this is good] As always, this looks amazing. I also have a turbulent past with eggplant and have been meaning to give them another go...so I think I will with your recipe :) Thanks.


[this is good] This was literally the best thing I've ever eaten!


Thanks, Elly! :) I hope you like it.

Anna Ball

I have a huge crop of eggplant this year, I will try this recipe, it looks good, for a long time I couldnt figure out what to do with all these eggplants every august, gave most away, now I treasure them, especially the skinny asian kind, such tender skins and succulent innards

Yeehaw Murghi

Hiya Julie -- I've tried this recipe now. It tasted great, but didn't look anywhere near as good as yours (Here's my attempt). I hope you're not annoyed by the mistakes I made -- it was entirely my fault; your recipe is good. I used too much oil when roasting the eggplant and bell peppers, and also pulsed the onion in the food processor, so I ended up with a lot of oil and water, that I had a hard time getting rid of. Then, I cooked it at too high a temperature, so it ended up quite dark, and oily -- as opposed to the dry, beautiful golden thing in your picture. I've just never made croquettes before. What can I say -- Ferran Adrià I'm not, heheh... 


[ciò è buono] Julie I made these tonight. Delicious! Thank you for renewing my faith in eggplant :) I've posted them in my blog if you want to check them out.

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